All about bacteria and viruses!!!

Bacteria and viruses are both microscopic and cause diseases in humans.

They are also very different…


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Base groups. Activity 1 Osmosis. Active transport.

Group 1    Osmosis and plant cells. Song or rap and drawing.

Marina Castagnino

Group 2    Osmosis and animal cells.  Role play and drawing.

Lucìa Do Carmo

Group 3     Active Transport.    Mind map and drawing

Bauti Garabato

Group 4     Osmosis and plant cells.  Poem or rap and role play

Juan Pablo Uva

Group 5      Osmosis and animal cells.  Song, rap or poem and mind map.

Bauti Bravo

Group 6      Active Transport.    Song or rap or poem and power point or prezi


Group 7     Similarities and differences between the 2 processes.

Song and explanation using a table or a chart


In all the presentations the complete info should be present.

All your work must be loaded on your blogs.

Each group chooses a facilitator, a coordinator and a secretary ( soporte ) except Group 1 which has 4 members, instead of 3.


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Human Reproduction. Our project

We are working on a project on human reproduction.

We are working in groups of  3 members, each of us with a special job: a secretary, a facilitator and the one who will perform the oral presentation.

All our work must be uploaded in our blogs, including names of all members of the team.

We will go back in time to remember and sometimes learn about the time when we were growing inside our mothers´womb…

Go ahead and enjoy it!!

And here´s a tutorial on how to work with Screencast o matic to make the presentation on your project to be loaded and shared on your blogs

Source:  Pablojgd

Just to help you with contents and vocabulary, I share this source with you



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September Term Test

Dear S1, these are the contents you need to know for the coming term test:

  • Chapter 2.  Cells. Cell structure. Cells and organisms.   Book, pages 19 to 26
  • Chapter  16. Asexual reproduction  ( potato tubers and onion bulbs ). Comparison between asexual and sexual reproduction.   Book, pages 197, 198, 199, 200  + photocopy on reproduction in bulbs and tubers
  • Chapter 17. Human Reproduction. Human reproductive organs. Fertilization and development including only implantation. Book, pages 212, 213, 214, 215 and 216  (implantation)

Remember you  can take advantage of the following, as well, to revise:

  • videos we have shared on my blog
  • your CD that includes multiple choice questions with the correct answers
  • questions throughout the chapters, with the correct answers at the end of the Coursebook
  • questions at the end of each chapter, with the correct answers in your CD
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September Term Test

Dear S2, these are the contents you will be tested on.

Chapter 3     Movement in and out of cells, p. 29 to 34

Chapter 4    The chemicals of life, p. 41 to 47

Chapter 5     Enzymes, p.50 to 54

Sources:  Book + blog + past tests

Remember the end of chapter questions and the questions throughout the chapters in your Coursebook are very useful to revise.

You have the correct answers in your CDs and at the end of the book. The multiple choice section in your CDs is very useful, as well


If you find it difficult to manage time, especially when you have a lot to study ( the coming Term Tests can be an example ), you may find this useful to get organized…


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DNA…present everywhere!!!

This is what we have in all our nuclei.

This is what makes us unique…


In the lab, we´ll extract DNA from strawberries!!



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Movement in and out of cells

Let´s watch these videos carefully…


And more info to become experts…

And now, let´s apply what we´ve learned to understand how these processes happen.

Let´s pretend we are in the lab

And here´s a clear difference between diffusion and osmosis


Now, let´s compare diffusion, osmosis and active transport.


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Sprouting Potatoes and Onions Project

Last  Wednesday ( August 1st ) in the lab, we worked with potatoes.

We observed and compared potatoes before and after sprouting.

We tested potatoes for starch with iodine solution.

We made groups of 3 or 4 members and we took home a potato to work with.

Your job now is to look after, observe and record the way in which your potato keeps growing.

You must draw a table where you keep a record of the changes you observe. Remember your potatoe needs sunshine and water.
When we finish this project, if you can, plant it in soil to have the necessary nutrients to grow healthily.

On Tuesday August 21st, we will be sharing them at school.

You are working in groups but each of you must post this on his / her own blog to be shared on Tuesday 21st.

Here I share with you some more information about potatoes…



For those groups who received an onion instead of a potato…


And if you enjoy this project and want to keep on growing food…


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Food and diet

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Let´s play with micrometres

When structures are very very small as mitochondria, ribosomes, we need a very small unit in which to measure them. The most useful one is the micrometre.


Let´s look at the exercises on page 23 and solve them!

( Remember as well, you have the answers to these questions at the end of your Biology Coursebook )

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