November Term Test

Dear S2, here I list the contents you need to revise for the coming Term Test

Biology Book + blogs ( mine and yours )

  • Chapter 7        Animal Nutrition  

Diet. Energy needs. Nutrients. Vitamins. Minerals. Fibre. Fat and heart disease. Obesity. Vitamin C: foods that contain it, why it is needed and deficiency disease. Vitamin D: foods that contain it and why it is needed. Calcium and iron: foods that contain them and why they are needed. Calcium deficiency disease

Digestion. Mechanical and chemical digestion.

Teeth. Types of teeth. Dental decay. Gum disease.

The alimentary canal. The mouth. The oesophagus. The stomach. The small intestine.  Adaptations of the small intestine for absorbing digested  nutrients. Absorption of digested food. The large intestine. Diarrhoea.



  • Chapter 11      Gas exchange in humans

Gas exchange surfaces. The human breathing system. The pathway to the lungs. Nose and mouth. Trachea. Bronchi. Alveoli. Gas exchange in the lungs. Comparison of inspired and expired air ( oxygen, carbon dioxide, water content and temperature). Exercise and breathing rate. Acivities 11.2, 11.3 and 11.8



  • Chapter 12    Excretion

Excretory products. Egestion and excretion.

Nitrogenous waste.

The human excretory system. Kidneys. Urine formation. Bladder.



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