November Term Test

Dear Kids, here I list the contents you need to revise for the coming Term Test

Biology Book + blogs ( mine and yours )


  • Project on Charles Darwin
  • Human Reproduction
  • Project on Human Reproduction


Biology Book

Chapter 17. Human Reproduction

  • The menstrual cycle. Puberty.
  • Birth control. Natural methods. Chemical methods. Mechanical methods. Surgical methods.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Preventing HIV transmission. Through sexual intercourse. Through blood contact


Chapter 19.   Variation and natural selection.

  • Variation. Continuous and discontinuous variation. Genetic varaiation. Causes of genetic variation. Mutations. Mutagens.
  • Adaptive features. 
  • Selection. Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. Variation. Over – production.  Struggle for existence. Survival of the fittest.  Advantageous characteristics passed on to offspring. Gradual change.


Practical skills

How to determine ph using:

ph paper

red and blue litmus paper

red cabbage indicator



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