May Term Test

Here I share with you the contents you need to revise for the coming term test.

Chapter 1    Classification

Characteristics of living things. Classification. The kingdoms of living organisms. Viruses. Classifying animals and plants. Keys. Magnification. Biological drawings.


Chapter 2   Cells

Cell structure. Cells and organisms.


Chapter 16   Reproduction in plants

Asexual reproduction. Potatoes. Sexual reproduction. Gametes. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants. Flowers. Pollen grains and ovules. Pollination. Self and cross pollination. Wind pollination. Insect and wind pollinated flowers. Fertilisation. Seeds. Seed germination. Act 16.4, to find the conditions necessary for the germination of tomato seeds. Comparing sexual and asexual reproduction.


Chapter 17   Reproduction in humans

Human reproductive organs. The female reproductive organs. The male reproductive organs. Egg production. Sperm production.

Fertilisation and development. Implantation. The placenta and amnion. Development of the embryo and foetus. Birth. Ante natal care. Caring for a young baby. Breast and bottle feeding.

Menstrual cycle. Puberty.  Hormonal control of the menstrual cycle.

Birth control. Natural, chemical and mechanical methods of birth control. Surgical methods. Increasing fertility. Sexually transmitted infections. HIV.


Chapter 19   Variation and natural selection.


Variation. Genetic and environmental variation. Causes of genetic variation.

Adaptive features. Xerophytes. Hydrophytes. Selection. Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution. An example of natural selection: the peppered moth, Biston betularia. Antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Stabilising selection. Selective breeding.


Remember that the questions you find throughout the chapters are answered at the end of the book. And the end of chapter questions are answered in the CD.


a)  Biology Book

b)  My blog:

  1. Sizes and units in biology
  2. Viruses
  3. Classification of plants
  4.  Variation and selection
  5. Do you know histograms?
  6. Reproduction in potato plants
  7. Cells
  8. Chapters 1 + 2 ( revision )
  9. Other invertebrates
  10. Let´s draw arthropods!!

And also remember to bring black pencil and eraser for graphs and drawings. Calculator for magnifications as well!

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