Human Reproduction. Our project

During this term we´ll be working on a  project on human reproduction.

We are working in groups of  3 members, each of us with a special job: a secretary, a facilitator and the one who will perform the oral presentation.

All our work must be uploaded in our blogs, including names of all members of the team.

We will go back in time to remember and sometimes learn about the time when we were growing inside our mothers´womb…

Go ahead and enjoy it!!

Each member of the group is going to find out at home how he / she came into this world. You will ask your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and record the data they give you.

Later you will get together with the other members of your group to collect all the information you were able to obtain  to make

a song, a rap or  a poem

a role play

a mind map or a spider web

a Venn diagram or a chart to show differences and similarities in your recorded data

to share your » story » in class.

And here´s a tutorial on how to work with Screencast o matic to make the presentation on your project to be loaded and shared on your blogs

Source:  Pablojgd


Individually, include a self assessment of your work, including drawbacks, how these were solved and any possible improvement for future activities.


These are the questions you  might  ask your relatives to find out  about yourselves.

Can you think of any other?

  • How old were your parents when your mother got pregnant?
  • Did  she  see a doctor as soon as she knew she was pregnant?
  • What kind of tests did the doctor ask her to do?
  • Were there any problems during  her pregnancy?
  • Did she follow a special diet ?
  • Did she take any special precautions?
  • Did your parents know your sex before you were born?
  • How did your mother feel you were inside her uterus? (kicking a lot, moving a lot, etc )
  • How many weeks were you inside?
  • Were you born at a hospital or at home?
  • Was it a natural birth or Caesarian birth?
  • Were there any difficulties at the time you were born?
  • At what time were you born?
  • How long  was it?
  • Any special medical care just after you were born?
  • Were you breast fed or bottle fed?
  • Memories from your birth day?

You can include pictures, tests done, videos to illustrate the info.

Due date

Tuesday October 23rd



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