Base groups. Activity 1 Osmosis. Active transport.

Group 1    Osmosis and plant cells. Song or rap and drawing.

Marina, Lucas Cata and Marco

Group 2    Osmosis and animal cells.  Role play and drawing.

Lucìa Do Carmo, Fermìn and Valentina

Group 3     Active Transport.    Mind map and drawing

Bauti Garabato, Lucìa H and Achu

Group 4     Osmosis and plant cells.  Poem or rap and role play

Juan Pablo, Nina and Manolo

Group 5      Osmosis and animal cells.  Song, rap or poem and mind map.

Bauti Bravo, Violeta and Toto

Group 6      Active Transport.    Song or rap or poem and power point or prezi

Mora, Renata and Agustìn

Group 7     Similarities and differences between the 2 processes. ( Osmosis in plant and animal cells )

Song and explanation using a table or a chart

Gonzalo, Sofi and Oli Vidal


In all the presentations the complete info should be present.

All your work must be loaded on your blogs.

Each group chooses a facilitator, a coordinator and a secretary ( soporte ) except Group 1 which has 4 members, instead of 3.


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