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Finding CO2 in the air we breathe out

This is what we are trying today in the lab… We will check and see if our cells are really respiring!!

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Looking at cheek cells

Gently scrape the inside of your cheek. Put the scrapings onto the surface of a microscope slide. Add a drop of methylene blue to the scrapings on the slide. This will stain the cells and help you to see them. … Sigue leyendo

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Expansion and contraction of liquids

Let´s watch this video to be able to understand what we´ll be doing in the lab… It can also help you to think about and answer the questions, the results and the conclusion… Now, let´s look at expansion AND contraction … Sigue leyendo

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What is ph?

Let us learn and revise this topic to be able to understand better what we do in the lab…       Let´s look at some examples of ph… And what about testing substances using red and blue … Sigue leyendo

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Welcome to Practical Skills!!

Hello Senior 1! We are going to work together on Fridays from 13.45 to 14.25 in the Lab. We will work with a booklet that you need to bring every Friday, together with your pen or ball pen and a … Sigue leyendo

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