How life started: Endosymbiotic Theory

What if our complex cells evolved from bacteria?

After watching both videos:

* write 5 questions about each of them

* write a metaphor with which you could summarize what you have learnt

We`ll share this in class next Wednesday!!

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19 respuestas a How life started: Endosymbiotic Theory

  1. Juana Tesan dijo:

    What was the first cell that was in the first living organism?

  2. Beltran Laferrere dijo:

    How many types of cells are in the world?

  3. juanignaciogarces dijo:

    Which type was the first cell?

  4. Nina Gil dijo:

    Wich was the first cell?

  5. Bautista subirá dijo:

    Where Life started ?

  6. mnpichel dijo:

    Which were the first cells?

  7. juanignaciogarces dijo:

    I think that life started because there were some plants made fotosynthesis and from there some bacteria came, and they started growing and evolving

  8. msturla dijo:

    Is this theory correct? Or is there another one like the big bang the correct one?

  9. Santino dijo:

    My quiestion is,

    Who are what where the first animals to live in the planet?

  10. sburgio dijo:

    The Big Bang theory was the real cause of the life?

  11. Juanma dijo:

    Which kind of cells were the first cells?

  12. Josefina López Lecube dijo:

    How was earth created with so much perfection?

  13. sortizpando dijo:

    How do the cells appear?

  14. Nina Gil dijo:

    Does life started with a bacteria?

  15. Mariano Gonzalez Blanco dijo:

    How were the cells formed in the starting of life ?

  16. Rosario Omodeo Vanone dijo:

    Wich type of cell was the first one?

  17. irokecki dijo:

    Who was the first living creature

  18. Mateo dijo:

    who create life?

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