Welcome S2 2020!!!

Hello S2!!

We will be working together on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, both in the classroom and in the lab.

You will need your book, Biology for IGCSE by Mary and Geoff Jones,  3rd edition, and a  folder  with folios to keep tests, lab reports and any note taking we do in class.

Add as well, some graph paper for graphs, tables and charts, too.

On Fridays, whenever possible, we will be working with BYODs, as well!!

Remember that if you are absent to the afternoon lesson in the lab, you miss the activity…try to avoid this as much as possible!!

And bring black pencil and eraser on Wednesdays, for your biological drawings…and for all your practical work.

I wish and hope we share a whole year full of learning and enriching time together!!

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